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There have been multiple studies published that show seeing a physical therapist early can be beneficial both physically and financially. Not everyone may know, but in most states you have direct access to a physical therapist. What does that mean? It means you can directly see a physical therapist instead of visiting a physician, which helps you save time and money!

Physical therapists receive a Doctorate degree and are trained to screen for conditions that may be out of their scope of practice. Should this present itself, they know to refer you to the right healthcare professional to get the care you need.

What about imaging?

One research experiment showed over 70% of people in their 20’s had bulging discs in their neck, but remarkably not a single person had neck pain. (Nakashima et al. Spine. 2015 March.)

MRI or not, a physical therapist can help. If you are in pain, reach out to one near you.

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