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Journey of Health - The Beginning

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I'm about to embark on a journey and I'd like to take you all with me. And it's about to get real.
Let me start out by saying you won't find very many business owners who will do what I've decided to do, especially from a healthcare provider, but I guess that's the joy of owning your own company and brand. I invite you to read on and get a glimpse of who I am and my goals for the future.
Just over a week ago I attended a conference that was life changing for me. I left feeling inspired, motivated, and wanting to inspire and help others more than I've ever wanted. (And that's saying something as I completely changed my career 5 years ago into a profession that focuses on caring for people.) At that conference, I was invited to speak to roughly 150-200 people because I received recognition for my success in the past year in another company I work for. Now, I wasn't expecting or prepared to speak, nor spoke in front of groups like this. As I stood waiting for my turn, I felt moved to share with all of these strangers (and a handful of friends) my true story; things I never shared with anyone before.
I've been overweight since I was in 3rd grade. Because of my weight, I was bullied/made fun of for years as I was growing up. Though I am not obese now, the depth of my weight and food issues go deep and still cling to me. I have a bad relationship with both my weight and with food. I always tend to lose weight and then gain weight. Up and down, up and down.

The conference provided many testimonies of people finding their purpose and doing things they did not think they could. It was inspiring and empowering. You will find a lot of healthcare providers who are better at taking care of others than themselves. I think I am one of those. But I firmly believe that in order for me to take better care of you, I must take better care for myself.

This blog series will provide myself accountability but hopefully allow for others to know there is hope, and encouragement, and motivation, and even accountability. The series will focus on more than just weight, but overall health and wellness as I aim to better myself and help others in the process.
Sharing in front of that group was freeing and motivating. I wanted to share this with all of you, as I was thanked by many for sharing my story and told by others that they were inspired from it. Sometimes people need to feel they aren't alone. And maybe they need a nice kick in the butt as well. I know I needed both.
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