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Meet Dr. Ben Palmer

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Why Did You Start Your Own PT Practice?

It has always been my dream to have my own business. I wanted to be my own boss and to be a good employer for others. In the past, I have seen people work their butts off early in their career only to get “rewarded” with more time in the office later. I value a healthy work-life balance and hope to help provide that for others in the future should that opportunity arise.

How Did You Come Up With Your Company Name?

I was inspired at a RockTape course I attended in early 2015. We discussed how the brain controls movement and patterns throughout the body. M1 refers to the primary motor cortex of the brain, which is where all movement begins. It inspired our slogan “Where Movement Begins”. I wanted my business to be based on movement and helping others develop quality movement patterns and return to the activities they love.

Why Did You Become A Physical Therapist?

Life in the corporate world was not for me. I was fortunate to discover my passions before I was invested time and energy in another career. After some life-changing events, I finally realized my passions and gifts were in caring for others. I would not be here without my very supportive parents and brothers. As a physical therapist, my passions have grown exponentially. I strive to help others and hope that by helping them improve their lives they can pass on their health to others.

What Hobbies Do You Have?

To be honest, I don’t treat physical therapy as a job. It is my vocation. It is my play. I think it is important to have “play time” for adults too. Kids have their version and adults need theirs. For me, physical therapy is my play. It allows me to make new or better friends and help them move better, stronger, and smarter. It is also so diverse that there is always something new to learn.

I also enjoy doing CrossFit, playing basketball, and watching sports.

Who Are Your Favorite Sports Teams?

Being from Chicago, I love the Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls. I also am a diehard Purdue Boilermaker.

What Is Your Favorite Pre- or Post-Workout Meal?

I love a good steak and potatoes.

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